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EZLN: 33rd Birthday. GGT: Celebrating Organization and the Fruits of its Labour in Zapatista Territory



GGT: Celebrating Organization and the Fruits of its Labour in Zapatista Territory




To the EZLN

To the National Indigenous Congress (CNI)

To the Sixth

On November 17, 1983, a handful of young members of the now extinct Fuerzas de Liberación Nacional, arrived in the Lacandona Jungle. The unpredictable pathways of struggle brought them from Monterrey to the depths of the Chiapas Jungle. They were few, but had taken the firm decision to struggle. Past failures had still left their spirits intact.

They arrived loaded with theories, influenced by the great thinkers of socialism and of complex political treaties. In the rainy mountains filled with humidity and fog, the theories often became wet paper. However, the Indigenous thought, simple and determined, had for 500 years resisted invasion and dispossession. Daily rebellion is the best treatise to learn. Because for indigenous people, to exist in those days, was already an act of joyful rebellion.

The greatest decision of those guerillas was without doubt to listen to those who were to be the heart, soul, and hands of the future EZLN—to learn the Indigenous thought that the deceased Subcomandante Marcos personified in Viejo Antonio.

Zapatismo would take years to present its covered face to the world. It was on that unforgettable January 1st, 1994, when the Zapatista surprised the world with their unpredictable insurrection. That uprising though, was only possible thanks to a decade of preparation, of learning, of filling the spirit with desires of democracy, freedom, and justice.

From the CGT, we want to celebrate that November 17th, 1983. We want to celebrate the decision that was taken: to organize. That word, like Pandora’s Box, unleashes storms. To organize is to risk suffering repression. But it is also the key to open up pathways where autonomy, dignity and utopia circulate.

We opt for a society of many worlds, based in the permanent construction of personal and collective autonomy. We thus celebrate the organization that began in 1983, as we salute the scream of enough already! Since 1994, that was part and parcel of the internal work and its external presence, and that continues to this day underlying the new world that is the Zapatista Caracoles. We invite all of the people below and to the left to celebrate the organization in the best way possible, putting into practice its rhythms and modes, in whatever geography.

Translated by Palabras Rebeldes

Posted by Dorset Chiapas Solidarity