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Las Abejas de Acteal, in support of Xochicuautla, denounce the great capitalist megaprojects



Communiqué from Las Abejas de Acteal, April 22, 2016




Civil Society Organization Las Abejas of Acteal,
Sacred Land of the Martyrs of Acteal,
Chenalhó, Chiapas, Mexico

To the independent organizations, movements, and collectives of the world

To the independent defenders of human rights

To the National Indigenous Congress (CNI)

To the national and international Sexta

To the councils of good government (JBG)

To the free, alternative, and autonomous media or whatever they are called

To los Tercios Compas

To the national and international media

To the national and international civil society


Brothers and sisters

The shadow of darkness is marked in the history of the people. All that bears fruit is planted and harvested, in the long, short and medium term. Thus we have protested before and after the massacre of Acteal, and until now violence has dominated in our municipality, but the majority of men and women of our population do not know where the violence, corruption, discrimination, incarceration, injustice and death comes from.

Sisters and brothers, the civil society organization Las Abejas is concerned and saddened for the uncertainty and violence generated in our municipality at least during the last couple of weeks results from ideological differences and the people are becoming very confused.

A state government can allocate a great deal of support and projects but that is not the solution when the people are not in agreement. It can generate more violence and death, but we as people of god and a peaceful organization, our commitment, our mission, and our vision is to announce the truth, and denounce the injustices and the violence because the governors are not willing to give a prompt and equitable solution so that peace can be established. They can only deceive the people to gain more time to bring violence.

And it is when we do not allow ourselves to be directed and used by the projects of the bad government, because the root of evil is money, because everyone wants to earn like the high officials, because ambition brings us to wickedness, as Pope Francisco says.

“We speak of the earth, of work, of homes…we speak of work for peace and care for the environment…but why are we instead accustomed to see the destruction of dignified work, the eviction of many families, the expulsion of campesinxs, the making of war and the abuse of the environment? This is because this system has taken the man, the human being, from the centre, and replaced him with something else. Because there is a worship of money, because all that matters is the logic of profit.”

And not only in the pueblos neighbouring Chenalhó and Chiapas do we see this destruction, but also in other parts of our country like what is happening in the indigenous Otomí community of San Franciso Xochicuautla, state of Mexico, where the machinery of the rich in alliance with the government has entered to continue the construction of a highway megaproject destroying the houses of campesinos.

How many compañeros suffer today through the total destruction of their homes and the plundering of their territories by the megaprojects of the great capitalists who have attempted to destroy our mother earth!

It is urgent to address the demands of the people, because in our constitution are enshrined the right and the individual and social guarantees, and also the convention 169 of the International Labour Organization (OIT) of the right to land and territory.

Compañeras and compañeros, it is necessary to be attentive and to stand in solidarity with our brothers who have suffered so much through displacement, incarceration, violence, and dispossession from their lands. We also have the cases of the compañeros of the community “Primero de Agosto” in the municipality of Las Margaritas who have already completed a year of forced displacement, and the case of those unjustly imprisoned from the ejido of San Sebastián Bachajón, the repression against the teachers’ movement in Tuxtla Gutiérrez and San Cristóbal. Beyond the borders of Mexico is the case of Berta Cáceres assassinated in Honduras, her relatives were in April 7th of San Cristóbal on their way to the United Nations to present their demands and petitions. The people in general are tired of so much violence and injustice.

Sisters and brothers we must have love for our people and be aware in our peaceful struggle. Because justice doesn’t come from above but is constructed by the people from below. It is necessary to maintain unity and harmony so that the future of our children will be one of peace that they can enjoy, as well as remembering the great heroes who defended our land, like Emiliano Zapata, whose birthday we remembered on April 10, who struggled and gave his blood so that we the campesinos can have “land and liberty.”




Justice for the Acteal Case!

No more crumbs to deceive the people!

No to the megaprojects that destroy the environment and displace the campesinos!

Freedom to the prisoners of Bachajón and all of the political prisoners

No more massacres and persecutions of our people!

Justice in the case of Berta Cáceres!

Love live resistance and autonomy!



The voice of the civil society organization of Las Abejas!

For the board of directors:

Sebastián Pérez Vásquez José Ramón Vásquez Entzin

Mariano Jiménez Gutiérrez Vicente Sánchez Ordóñez

Juan Pérez Gómez


Based on a translation by Palabras Rebeldes