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The Heart Linked with the Land, 22 Years of the Community Cinco de Marzo



The Heart Linked with the Land, 22 Years of the Community Cinco de Marzo




To the EZLN

To the Good Government Junta Resistance and Rebellion for Humanity

To the National Indigenous Congress

To the adherents to the Sixth

To the brothers and sisters of the community of Cinco de Marzo

To the Network against Repression and for Solidarity

To the Space of Struggle against Oblivion and Repression

To the Centre of Human Rights Fray Bartolomé de la Casas

To the indigenous and non-indigenous peoples in struggle and resistance for their territories

To those in solidarity that accompany us today and those that cannot be with us

To the alternative and free media

To public opinion

Pronouncement from the community Cinco de Marzo, indigenous Tsotsiles, Tseltales, and Ch’oles in struggle, resistance, and rebellion, adherents to the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandona Jungle (EZLN):

We are campesinxs, simple, humble, workers from below, teachers, housewives, horse-traders, organized in our recovered land since 1994 through the energy following the uprising of the EZLN; with an autonomous thought. We resist so that we not forget our ideals that were inspired by the EZLN in a just struggle for everyone.

Today we celebrate 22 years of recovery, and the foundation of our community Cinco de Marzo following the EZLN uprising. Eight years ago we announced publicly…today, we return to speak anew, to tell you that our heart remains and we continue in struggle in defence of our Mother Earth and territory. The path has not been easy. The first compañerxs who arrived to inhabit these lands passed a long a difficult road to arrive to where we are today. We did not have dignified housing…our first houses were made of cardboard, wood chips, nylon, where rain and frost passed through. The streets that ran through the community, we installed them ourselves; the services of electricity we carried out ourselves, the access to water was not asked for, but taken autonomously. The church and school of the community we constructed together with our sweat and collective force. The murals that declare our autonomy, that are seen by the community, we made them ourselves so they can see us and see who we are here. These murals continue to be present because we continue in resistance. We value and do not forget this work because it is part of our struggle to have a dignified life.

The bad government has tried to disrupt and divide us through their programmes of “support” and projects that supposedly “benefit the community.” The only thing that has occurred is the intent to divide us from our other compañerxs. In spite of this, the bad government has failed to defeat us. On the contrary, all of this has strengthened us be more united and organized in our resistance and struggle for autonomy.

Right now, our community is passing a stage without access to light, to the vital liquid, and we are being harassed through a supposed eviction from our lands and territories. Since the 24th of August, the Federal Commission of Electricity (CFE) has cut our electricity because we are opposed to the high rate of electricity bills that we receive for light. We are indigenous who belong to Mother Earth where the energy is produced and it is an injustice and an abuse that they want to charge us for our natural resources. We do not see that it is just to pay a high cost that the state of Chiapas imposes upon us when it produces more than 50% of the electric energy for all of the country. We have tried to resolve the situation of the cutting of the electricity before the CFE, but they have remained in neglect of our petitions and demands that have been made regarding our respect and our right as indigenous peoples.

Like electricity, our Mother Earth also produces the vital liquid. We do not need to pay for this natural resource.   We: men, women, girls and boys, old ones, etc. together installed a pipe to have access to drinking water in our community. We remember how we got this service…through collective work. The intended eviction does not intimidate us, does not divide us, and does not distract us from our path. We are in resistance because we know the history of these sacred lands that were and are paid for by the blood of our compañerxs of the EZLN. Now, we have the responsibility to care for it and work on it.

We are in solidarity with those that find themselves walking in the same struggle of resistance and rebellion. Those who continue living amongst injustice and pain on the part of the bad government. We express our rage and sentiment that we are united in the pain that is felt by the families of our assassinated compañera, Berta Cáceres. She is an example to continue defending the natural world and Mother Earth for the love of her people. Her struggle animates us to raise our voice without fear of repression.

We also express our solidarity after nearly a year and a half of the forced disappearance of our compañeros of Ayotzinapa. We continue looking for them, and we say to their families, that we are with you. We are united in pain and in struggle. In spite of the bad government wanting to forget the case, the families remember their pain and continue in struggle. This example strengthens us and animates us. We know that the bad government intends to disappear our word, our feelings, and our thoughts in speaking out, to say the truth, by rebelling, by expressing our disagreement.

As adherents of the sixth of the community Cinco de Marzo, we emphasise that:

Our struggle is to defend and care for our Mother Earth

Our struggle is to recover and conserve our Usos y Costumbres from our indigenous being and our grandmothers and grandfathers

Our struggle is to defend our form of organizing ourselves

Our struggle is to have a dignified life without repression or violence, exploitation, discrimination, extortion, or displacement

Our struggle is to conserve and care for our memory of who we are and of where we come from; of our brothers and sisters of 1994.

We share with everyone that our struggle is to care for our Mother Earth because it feeds us and strengthens us; equally, we hope that our struggle feeds you and serves your motivation to continue organizing for the people, for humanity, for those of below and to the left and for the children that are yet to come. We continue constructing the other world that is possible.

Here we continue, here we will continue, here we will be. Here we resist.

Long live the community Cinco de Marzo!

Long live the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandona Jungle!

Long life the EZLN!

Long live the committees of good government!

Love life the bases of support of the EZLN!

Love long the National Indigenous Congress (CNI)

Long live the organized civil society in resistance!

Long live the people of the world in resistance and rebellion!

Adherents to the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandona Jungle, community of Cinco de Marzo


Translated by Palabras Rebeldes