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BoCa En BoCa #40 * February 2016 *

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BoCa En BoCa #40 * February 2016 *



BoCa En BoCa is an independent news sheet which aims to disseminate what happens in the organized communities in Chiapas. The aim is to generate solidarity among communities, through summaries or extracts from their publications transmitting their words.

Download It! (pdf)



Download It! (pdf)



San Isidro los Laureles maintains its position

16/01, The community of San Isidro los Laureles, Venustiano Carranza, reported, 26 days after they decided to recover the land (3 plots of about 200 hectares), “those who call themselves owners are asking for a possible eviction against us, we know if the government does not act [at 3 levels] they are intimidating us, telling us that they will act on their own with white guards.” They added, “We fear that there could be the same displacement and violence that occurred in 1994, when we decided to recover those lands and the state itself intervened unleashing repression and violent eviction.” They said, “the land is ours by law.” They explained that they authorized the supposed owners to take their cane harvest, “we agree that it is not ours.”


They added a complaint on 21/01 in which they describe acts of intimidation and the presence of a truck carrying people “wearing bulletproof jackets and high-powered fire arms.” They asked those concerned to be aware of what might happen and will continue to provide information about their situation.http://www.pozol.org/?p=11825
First of August facing threats

More than 10 months after their forced displacement, on 06/01 the 59 residents of First of August made known “new threats of death and kidnapping and harassment against us have been committed and fostered by the Mexican state and in particular the CIOAC-HISTÓRICA organisation directed by Luis Hernandez Cruz and Jose Antonio Vasquez Hernandez aka the Shrimp”. In their communique about recent harassment they denounced several acts of intimidation including shots being fired towards the camp where the displaced families are, as on 28/12 and 03/01, together with threats from the harassers.

They added that on 05/01 “Carmelino Pérez López shoved, tried to physically injure and threatened to kill and kidnap one of our representatives” and they quoted his ‘grandiloquent’ words: “if you do not accept what we want and what the government says, we will kill you, your father, your colleagues and representatives of your fucking town and the ejidatarios who are with you … be very clear that any day now we are coming to evict you, and will rape your wives and all the women and rob your houses as we did last time […] our organization (CIOAC-HISTÖRICA) are bastards and have an armed group, a self-defence group and we kill any arse-holes we don’t like […] I’m not afraid to say it because we have an order and because we have given money [to the government] so that they will not say anything to us.”



The war against Acteal continues

On 12/23/15, the Civil Society Organisation Las Abejas reported a power cut to its members in the community of Kexaluk’um, as well as a climate of tension on the part of opponents of the organisation.


On 31/12/15 they reported another ambush against 3 members of their organisation (Juan Carlos Alonso and Marcos all surnamed Lopez Guzman) at the exit of the municipality of Pantelhó. Giving details of the facts they reported that “while firing shots at our comrades they boasted and laughed, but nobody was hurt by the deadly bullets except for the injury suffered by Alonso and the people who were hit when the vehicle turned over.”

In addition to sharing the context of this aggression, they reported previous incidents ending with: “From 2012 to 2015, Antonio and his family have received several death threats.”

Finally, they explained: “The ambush of the day before yesterday and the murder of our comrade Manuel is a clear message from the Mexican state against us the people in struggle.” They concluded that paramilitarism is being reactivated in Chiapas as well as institutionalized violence in the country.


In their communique of 22/01 they concluded “We are aware that less than a couple of weeks ago thousands of televisions were distributed in the city of San Cristobal de las Casas, in order that ignorant people should not realise that the government continues selling the country and has left the highest debt in the history of our country. Therefore, we say that lying governments continue to kill conscience.”



Green party imposed in municipalities

After violent incidents in the town of Oxchuc due to the imposition of the party in the town hall, on 11/01 the movement Peace and Justice for Oxchuc reported that they had learned with ‘great frustration’ about the “foolish decisions made by the Governor to protect his temporary party colleague Maria Gloria Sanchez.” They confirmed the freeing of all the people who “were inappropriately deprived illegally of their liberty, when they had come to the negotiating table in SEDESPI”. “This message that will reach the immature Governor Manuel Velasco, is that he must seek advice from people looking to make his mandate go well, and not cause even more confusion than his term in office has been, only good for smoking areas and shelters, when Chiapas is crying out for justice, education and freedom. Yet he is complicit by his action and omissions,” they emphasised. They regretted the decisions of repression against them and the rejection of dialogue in order to continue imposing Maria Gloria Sanchez, and they wished for the formation of a municipal council, “because we do not know what particular interest of the Executive might be higher than the dignity and peace of Oxchuc.”



The same day the MOCRI CNPA MN spoke in solidarity with the municipality in question: “since the elections in the Chiapas municipalities, there have been a number of outbreaks of justified resistance on the part of various sectors because the imposition of candidates sympathetic to the government of the day took place, most of whom have been characterised as being members or part of political sects.”



Arbitrary deprivation of liberty of EZLN support base

According to information from CDH Frayba on 18/12/15, José Alfonso Cruz Espinoza, EZLN support base, was arrested on 10/11/15 in Ocosingo. “People in civilian clothes, who did not identify themselves, and who presented no warrant and gave no reason for the detention, put him into a van and took him to the headquarters of the Special Police.” “The crimes alleged against him are ecocide and plunder, because of events occurring on 16/11/12 […] under the Chiapas penal code none of the alleged crimes is serious. On 18 November he was sentenced to prison; he was there for over 144 hours without his legal status being determined.” “24 hours after his detention, only after an injunction against being held incomunicado was he allowed to make a call to say where he was […] At all times they refused to give us access to him or to accredit us as his lawyers, arguing that he had already been transferred, which was false.” “These actions in violation of human rights were intended to hinder a proper defence; at all times José Alonso insisted on his innocence, he asked to speak with his lawyers and family, and was denied this, saying he is a BAEZLN”. To prevent bail being paid, it was set at $136,122.96 for both offences, according to the CDH this amount is excessive.




05/01- Roberto Paciencia Cruz, unjustly imprisoned, celebrates the 11th anniversary of the founding of La Voz del Amate. http://noestamostodxs.tk/carta-de-roberto-paciencia-cruz-preso-injustamente-en-el-11-aniversario-de-la-fundacion-de-la-voz-del-amate/

13/01- As well as reclaiming his rightful freedom, Roberto Paciencia Cruz denounces the lack of food in the Cereso # 5. http://espoirchiapas.blogspot.mx/2016/01/preso-injusto-denuncia-falta-de-comida.html

13/01- OCEZ-FNLS denounces an assassination attempt by “The Petules” in Rio Florido  community, Ocosingo.  http://fnls.mayfirst.org/spip.php?article2204

17/01- In a pastoral meeting in the community of Nuevo Mariscal, Ocosingo, they celebrate the International Day of Migrants, denouncing the abuses against people who pass through its ravines and trails. http://chiapasdenuncia.blogspot.mx/2016/01/pronunciamiento-por-la-jornada.html

17/01- The Front of Ejidos in Resistance Genaro Vazquez Rojas, Ocosingo, denounces land business in the San Pedro colony contradicting the agreements. http://chiapasdenuncia.blogspot.mx/2016/01/denuncia-del-frente-de-ejidos-en.html

22/01- The FNLS denounces paramilitary activism in Chiapas, particularly in the region of Ocosingo, emphasizing explanations with the group “Los Petules”. http://fnls.mayfirst.org/spip.php?article2221

28/01 After 15 years of impunity for the death of a child and serious injuries to his brothers in El Aguaje, San Cristobal LC, due to the explosion of an anti-personnel grenade belonging to the Mexican Army, in the context of the counter-insurgency operations in Chiapas, Father Jose Lopez Cruz longs for fulfilment of the agreements reached with the state. http://chiapasdenuncia.blogspot.mx/2016/01/15-anos-sin-justicia-para-menores_28.html



02/01- Tila ejidatarios denounce the repression in San Isidro los Laureles, reject the constant aggressions against Las Abejas of Acteal and thank San Sebastian Bachajon for their solidarity. http://laotraejidotila.blogspot.mx/2016/01/contra-las-acciones-paramilitares-del.html

10/01- Campesinos from the community of San Francisco, Teopisca, assert their right to the land of “El desengaño” by formally working it. http://redcontralarepresion.org/articulo.php?i=1238

12/01- The displaced families from Banavil, Tenejapa, invite people to disseminate photographs of their forced displacement. http://chiapasdenuncia.blogspot.mx/2016/01/familias-tseltales-de-banavil-invitan.html

18/01- The community of La Pimienta, Simojovel, denounces the lies and deceit by the government since the death of 2 children, and 29 infants having continuing symptoms due to the vaccines given by the IMSS on 05/08/15. http://chiapasdenuncia.blogspot.mx/2016/01/denuncia-de-la-comunidad-la-pimienta-en.html


Tila defends its Ejido

05/01 ejidatarios of Tila noted that the current mayor directly accused the ejido commissariat of being “responsible for the events of 16/12/15”. “On several occasions withdrawal from the town hall was requested and that request was never heard […] the general assembly of ejidatarios which makes agreements is tired of so many problems that have brought us to the town hall, and decision-making is done by the assembly and was going on peacefully composed of thousands of ejidatarios “. Ejido members say that the mayor, “says there are no paramilitaries, but we know that both the mayor of Tila and Attorney C. Raciel Lopez Salazar are washing their hands, they well know that there are many complaints against the organisers fully identified and protected by themselves and the people who blocked roads during the political campaigns for local elections on 19/7/15 at the entrances to the ejido, people with guns who created a climate of fear by entering the village in vans of the same town hall and municipal police who protected them, firing shots and using violence and disturbing social peace within the Ejido of Tila”. They denounced the “Undersecretary of government based in Yajalón for being one of those responsible for reorganizing and regrouping the paramilitary groups to attack social organisations struggling to defend the land and territory.” “As the general assembly of ejidatarios we maintain that to find a just solution to this conflict needs respect for our territory and removal of the offices of Tila town hall for good.”




Remembering Jtatik Samuel and preparing for the Pope’s visit

Thousands of people from different parishes, members of the Believing People, and organised people held a march on 25/01 in the city of San Cristobal de Las Casas, in celebration of the fifth anniversary of the death of jTatic Samuel Ruiz Garcia. This event concluded with a “Message from the Original Peoples to Pope Francis” because of his forthcoming visit to this city on 15/02. “We want make a few requests: Let the holy Church respect us […] may our coadjutor bishop give us strength in the process and progress of Indian theology.” Signed by the indigenous people of Chiapas represented by the Mayan Ecumenical Indian Theology group




Words of the EZLN on the 22nd Anniversary of the Beginning of the War against Oblivion

“On January 1, 1994, 22 years ago, we declared our ‘ENOUGH!’ that we prepared for a decade in dignified silence […] we understood then that we were not alone. From that moment on our form of struggle changed. We became ears and voice, because we believe that a just fight of the people is for life and not just to be dead […] We are people with dignity, with decision and Conscience to fight for true freedom and justice for all. Regardless of their colour, race, gender, belief, calendar, and geography. That is why our fight is not local, or regional, or even national in scope. It is universal. Because injustices, crimes, dispossessions, disregard and exploitations are universal.

“In the middle of this war we have had to walk towards building what we want. We could not just sit down and wait for people who do not understand us to approve us, they haven’t even approved us yet […] Then we searched in our ancestral history, our collective heart, and with a lot of stumbles and mistakes, we have started building that which we are and which not only keeps us alive and in constant resistance but also raises us up dignifies and rebellious […] it is the people themselves who believe, discuss, think, analyse, propose and decide what is best for them, following the example of our ancestors.”

“Those who sold out to the bad government not only did not resolve their basic problems, but it gave them more horrors to deal with. Where before there was hunger and poverty, now there is hunger, poverty, and desperation.

“We learned that it is good if one person gets angry […] But we also learned that if these angers organize themselves… Ah! Then we have not just a momentary flash that illuminates the earth’s surface […] It is as if this world was about to birth another, a better one, more just, more democratic, more free, more human.

“That is why we tell all the compañeros, compañeras, boys and girls and young people, that you as our new generations represent the future of our people, of our struggle and of our history, but you must understand that you have one main task and obligation: follow the example of the first compañeros, of […] all the people that started this struggle […] Because you as Young people are an important part of our communities, that is why you must participate in the work that our organization has in all the levels and  in all areas of our autonomy. Let each generation continue to lead us toward our destiny of democracy, freedom, and justice.”

They finish with these words about this celebration: “in order to honour and respect the blood the blood of our fallen compañeros, it is not enough to remember, miss, cry, or pray, rather we must continue the work that they left us, to create in practice the change that we want […] without letting the capitalist system destroy what we have won and the little that we have been able to build with our work and our efforts over more than 22 years: our freedom! […] We must be even firmer in our struggle, to maintain the word and example that our first compañeros left us: to not give in, not sell out, and not give up.


Communiqué from the General Command of the EZLN on the 22nd anniversary “of the beginning of the war against oblivion”