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BoCa En BoCa #31 English


BoCa En BoCa #31 English



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BoCa En BoCa #31, April 


26/02-March in Escuintla to demand security and justice for the feminicide of Yolanda Hernández Velásquez.


02/03- 12 months after the death in custody of José Rolando Pérez de la Cruz, family members continue to demand justice, denouncing the impunity suffered in the community of Acala.


02/03- The organization PUDEE (Peoples United in Defence of Electricity) denounce unauthorized explorations by CONAFOR in Tila.


04/03- The displaced families of Banavil blamed the government for the death of their daughter Antonia López Méndez, due to the conditions of forced displacement in Banavil and the precarious conditions of health and food.



08/03- In Cuxitali, population denounces government attempts to divide community against itself and foster conflict as it seeks to evict them from their territory.


08/03-Luisa Margareth Castillo Mora declared a hunger strike after the government’s failure to attend to her petition for justice, after having been beaten and tortured.


09/03- Civil society organizations claim to have been betrayed by the government, which is proposing a law promoting the privatization of water.


13/03- The Mexican Movement of Those Affected by Dams and In Defence of Rivers rejects projects to build 12 dams, some already under construction, denouncing the destruction of ecosystems.


13/03- The CFE cuts electricity to the preschool “Julio de la Fuente”, from the community Amado Nervo, Yajalón.


14/03-The Civil Organisation Las Abejas reaffirms its resistance against payment for electricity and the construction of more dams.


17/03-El Refugio La 72, in Tenosique, denounces the National Institute of Migration and the Federal Police for causing the deaths of migrants through their Frontera Sur programme.


18/03- The Tonalteco Civil Front marched to reaffirm their resistance against high electricity prices, 77 years after the expropriation of the oil industry in Mexico.



28/02 Subcomandantes Moisés and Galeano made public a letter to Doña Emilia, the wife of Don Félix, “honoured official that he was of our Zapatista Army of National Liberation”.


19/03- The unjustly imprisoned Alejandro Díaz Sántiz, member of La Voz del Amate, supported in a letter from prison the Lenten Via Crucis pilgrimage.


20/03- Neighbours of the community of Cahuaré share their concern at the expiry of a temporary clause regulating the limestone mining in the Cañón de Sumidero which has harmed the environment.



Violent expulsion of Primero de Agosto continues without resolution

02/03, the families from the village of Primero de Agosto reported that on 23/02 they were displaced “violently by ejidatarios from the ejido Miguel Hidalgo, Las Margaritas, belonging to the organization CIOAC-Historic; some were dressed in black carrying high-powered weapons, while  the women carried clubs and machetes.” “We make a call for solidarity about the dispossession we suffer,” they said, demanding that all three levels of government “bring to justice those responsible, guarantee our safety and compensate us for the damage.”


On 07 / 03, in an open ceremony, they invited solidarity in a day of prayer and a closing Mass.


The women made their appeal on 08/03: “There is no peace or security among us.” “We are mothers and we fear further attacks. We want to return to our housess and our lands, so we can work them.”


In the ceremony on 15/03, they thanked those who had provided support. “in this meeting, we are thinking about what has to happen next, and for that reason we ask openly that we are not forgotten. We go on in hope”


On 23/03 they added the following statement: “today we have completed 30 days of suffering, of expulsion, of illness, of having to put up with living in inhuman conditions under trees with nothing but a piece of plastic for shelter. For 30 days we have been demanding a response from the government, which has done nothing. We are suffering threats and are in pain.”

They denounced threats made against them this month: “there have been new threats of expulsion, and of kidnapping and even of killing us… there are plans to turf us out and to kill Antonio Roman Lopez, who is one of our compañeros. They reiterated that “CIOAC-Históric, led by Luis Hernandez Cruz, has shown its manner of resolving conflicts: through threats of kidnapping and murder, while the government looks on doing nothing”.


New attacks on BAEZLN in el Rosario

On 25/02, the Frayba Centre for Human Rights denounced that “threats that have been made for three weeks in the community of El Rosario (Autonomous Zapatista Rebel Municipality of San Manuel) by the Pojcol group ,against members of EZLN support communities”.

On 12 February a building belonging to the Zapatista supporters was destroyed. On 22 February, two letters “signed by a representative of the Poicol Group were received which threatened the Zapatistas if they didn’t withdraw their guard from the area. If this was not done, the letters warned that Pojcol would occupy Nuevo Paraiso (a village in the official municipality of Ocosingo, but also part of the Council of Good Government (Caracol 3 – The Path of the Future). The Zapatistas were warned “to avoid more blood being spilled”.

The situation in this area is particularly tense. On 1 August, 32 people had to flee the area after threats from the Pojcol Group, as denounced in a communique from the La Garrucha Council of Good Government.


Military incursion into 2 Zapatista Caracoles

On 12/03 Frayba warned in a bulletin of “systematic incursions by the Mexican Army, who are harassing the Support Bases of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (BAEZLN) in the territory of the Good Government Junta (JBG) of La Realidad, in the Border Jungle zone of Caracol I “Towards Hope”. They documented that several “trucks, hummers, jeeps and power equipment, with members of the Army, ranging from four to 30 people” make up these convoys. They also warned of “low-flying aircraft and helicopters photographing and filming members of the civil brigades of human rights observation, and the BAEZLN in the facilities of the JBG”.

For the Frayba Human Rights Centre, this “increasing harassment that the Mexican Army is carrying out in Zapatista territory, represents acts of provocation and harassment that violate the rights to autonomy and self-determination”.


SupGaleano stressed in a communiqué a “significant increase in military activity in the vicinity of the Zapatista Caracoles (aggressive patrols, intimidating checkpoints, threatening overflights)—particularly in the caracoles of La Realidad and Oventik (the first has just opened a school-clinic, and the second will host the tribute to Don Luis Villoro Toranzo)”.


Las Abejas denounce a case of identity theft. 

On 22/03, the Las Abejas Civil Society, in their monthly communiqué, announced they would take part in the Lenten Stations of the Cross and also in the pilgrimage of the Pueblo Creyente from the Parish of Simojovel, after denouncing disappearances and displacements, such as in Ayotzinapa, Primero de Agosto, and Banavil,

“Each month, and on each day that our heart beats, there are many things to say… Who can remain indifferent, who can remain with their arms folded in the face of this wave of violence, unleashed by the neoliberal capitalist system and administered by the bad government? We cannot.”

The Abejas also disassociated themselves from a group “that is using the logo and letterhead of our organisation and which has been falsifying the seal which only the directive council is authorised to use”. They also denounced activities by the group to levy tolls on drivers, and to collect funds for medical help for the survivors of the Acteal massacre. “This group has allowed itself to be manipulated by ex-members of our organisation, and by outsiders, who want to take advantage of the strength and prestige of Las Abejas.”




8th March, the women cry out

The Companeras of San Sebastián Bachajón demand that the police leave their territory and their rights be respected.


The women of Las Abejas of Acteal declared during a rally held that day: “This day is important for every one of us, and is in memory of those women who struggled and gave their lives for the respect of the rights of women throughout the world.”

“To the army that is in our land, we come to say that we do not want you here, you do not protect us; on the contrary, you are a threat to our lives.” “We are pacifists and we do not come here to harm you; however, our mission is to denounce the violence and the abuses committed by soldiers against women throughout Mexico”, they said outside an army barracks.


The Movement in Defence of Land and Territory and for Women´s Participation and Recognition in Decision-Making also made a statement “Our fundamental benchmark is the EZLN struggle for autonomy.” “The Movement is against the neoliberal and patriarchal capitalist system that turns people into merchandise and pushes women and men of all ages to abandon our lands and families in search of low-paying jobs, and even running the risk of falling into the hands of human trafficking networks.”


600 police officers burn Bachajón headquarters

On 21/03, three months after recovering their lands, adherents to the Sixth from Ejido San Sebastián Bachajón announced that “at around 8 am, more than 600 members of the public forces burned down our San Sebastián regional headquarters.” They denounced the “politics of death and corruption of the bad government, its contempt for the people and human rights”.

They rejected “the tricks of the bad government to malign our struggle and fabricate crimes against our organization which defends our Mother Earth. The people of the Ejidal commissioner together with the Security Adviser are blocking the Ocosingo-Palenque motorway in order to blame the organization, and also these lackeys of the bad government are cutting down trees and we know they are fabricating crimes of ecocide with the purpose of arresting the autonomous authorities of our organization.” They demanded the “withdrawal of the armed forces and of the National Commission for Protected Natural Areas from our lands dispossessed since February 2011.”



Members of the free media members announced they had been “attacked by the officialist group following the Ejidal commissioner, “they were surrounded, arrested, tugged, beaten and threatened with machetes, demanding they hand over a camera, a cell phone and a tripod.”


The EZLN builds the world’s most expensive school-clinic

The EZLN issued several communiques: a series named “Gracias” [Thank you].  In Gracias I, on 05/03, they announced that on 01/03, a health clinic and a school were “presented to the support bases of the EZLN in La Realidad,” recalling that “The construction was made possible by the solidarity of everyone”. Then they presented their accounts explaining how they would use the remainder (buying and selling cattle, coffee and maize, buying a vehicle, support for a collective shop, dining room and bakery, and part to fund Zapatista resistance). They transcribed the words of companero Jorge, BAEZLN. “What was destroyed has already been rebuilt much better than before.” And the words of the CCRI of the EZLN by Comandante Tacho, giving thanks for solidarity, “This is a fact, and it has shown once more that when we are coordinated and organized we can change our lives, building from below and to the left new things for the good of the people and for the people.”  https://dorsetchiapassolidarity.wordpress.com/2015/03/08/ezln-thank-you-part-i/

In Gracias II, “Capitalism destroys, the people build” published on 07/03, the words of Sup Moisés were presented as he “formally handed over” the clinic and school on 01/03: “We say with all our heart and in truth: we are fighting for the people of Mexico, and perhaps we will be an example to the world.” “Capitalism wants to put an end to this example, and we will not allow it.

Gracias III, published on 08/03, set out the word of Sup Galeano and Sup Moisés, explaining that the clinic and school is the world’s most expensive building. “The entirety of the funds required to construct the huge buildings where the powerful hide in order to organize their thievery and crimes would not be enough to pay for even a single drop of Indigenous Zapatista blood. That is why we feel that this is the most expensive building in the world.” https://dorsetchiapassolidarity.wordpress.com/2015/03/11/ezln-thank-you-part-iii/

On 04/03 “on the Bulletin Board, the Concierge”, the calendar of the Zapatistas was announced:

From 05/03, the anniversary of the death of Luis Villoro Toranzo, words about critical thought.

On 02/05, in Oventik, a tribute to Luis Villoro Toranzo and Galeano.

From 03 to 09/05, seminar “Critical thought versus the capitalist hydra,” in Cideci.

From July to December: World Seminar decentralised, diverse, simultaneous, selective, massive…

From 31/07 to 02/08, Little Zapatista School second Level.

November or December, Little Zapatista School third level.

Great Lenten pilgrimage: Way of the Cross

After the great pilgrimage from 23 to 26/03 from Simojovel to Tuxtla convened by the Believing People (Pueblo Creyente) of Simojovel, which brought together more than 15,000 people, a statement made on 25/03 was published: “Our demands have been: to close bars, stop the murders, prostitution, drug trafficking, narco-politicians, arms trafficking and people trafficking.  We demand clean water, decent hospitals for our sick, better road conditions.” They added: “The whole situation is being experienced in all municipalities of Chiapas, and throughout our country, so we are present here not only believers from Simojovel but several parishes, municipalities, various organizations and religious denominations”.

On 26/03, they expressed “the feelings and demands of everyone present.” The situation of violence in the country, “with each day that passes the situation is getting worse.  Let us not allow cases to happen like AYOTZINAPA, ACTEAL AND PUEBLO NUEVO SOLISTAHUACAN, because of the corruption of authorities who have ceased to serve and protect the people”.  They set out in 6 points the claims for justice “which show clearly the situation we are suffering as a state and as a country”:  Stop impunity and corruption; No megaprojects; No structural reforms; Infrastructure demands; Displacement; Denunciation and solidarity. https://dorsetchiapassolidarity.wordpress.com/2015/03/31/we-will-not-allow-cases-such-as-ayotzinapa-acteal-and-pueblo-nuevo-to-happen-because-of-corruption-pilgrimage-for-justice/

The civil organization Las Abejas of Acteal also expressed solidarity: “We cannot be indifferent and remain silent in the face of barbarism and the critical situation of human rights in Mexico, but especially for the poor and indigenous peoples”.

The displaced families of Banavil: “we do not want them to trample us as always; we shout and raise our voices.”

And displaced families from First of August: “As men and women we say ‘Ts’omanotikb’as k’ulajel Jsak’aniltik’, which means men and women together building lives.”