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Honouring the Dead on the Day of the Dead in London


Honouring the Dead on the Day of the Dead in London


1514660_868501799856716_2423051803087813251_n (1)Given the human rights crisis that exists in Mexico, where hundreds of thousands are dead because of the context of violence propitiated by the war on drugs, journalists and human rights defenders have been killed, mass graves are found every day, and the recent murder of three students by the local police in Iguala (southwest Mexico), a group of young people from different nationalities want to pay homage to the dead the government wants to hide, to all the dead that the government do not pay tribute to, to all those who still await justice.

In the gallery Bargehouse, we held signs remembering students killed, victims of femicide, unidentified bodies in mass graves, children killed by police, journalists killed, human rights defenders killed. We talked about the situation that exists in Mexico and we read a poem. It was, thus, a homage to those the government denies a homage, to those that the government forgets and the Mexican society 1512557_868500723190157_8149482402204497397_nremembers every day, because they have relatives, mothers and fathers, sons and daughters; because they have siblings and friends.

After our action in front of the altar, we made visible our dead through the four floors of the gallery. In a space dedicated to remembering the loved ones, some people who attended the exhibition before us had already written sentences about Ayotzinapa and the missing students, always demanding their alive presentation.