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Mshakht A journey - Multimedia box: docufilm and CD

The Multimedia box Mshakht A journey contains the docufilm edited by the director Valeria Fabris with the young videomakers of Babylon Production and the CD of the Ensemble Mshakht together with the Quartetto New Landscapes and Chiara Patronella, recorded by Francesco Fabiano. Produced by Walking Arts NGO - Art, Culture & Heritage with the contribution of FAI - Fondation Assistance Internationale and the support of CCFD Terre Solidairire in collaboration with Associazione Ya Basta Caminantes Odv and Walking Art APS

CDs and docufilms were made during an Artistic Residence in June 2021 in Sulaymanhya in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Mhakht A journey - Docufilm

The shots were made during the artistic residency in June 2021 at the Deir Maryam Al Adhra Community which represents, in connection with the Monastery in Syria, founded by Padre Dall'Oglio, a lively and important point of cultural and inter-religious exchange in Iraq.
The girls and boys of the Mshakht Ensemble play, sing and tell their dreams, what music is for them, the freedom to create in a collective way among many and different. An unprecedented experience of collaboration between Iraqi and Paduan artists, which turns into a journey beyond borders: a jam session where the particularity of the individual is enhanced in the relationship with the other, where being different is a wealth, where the difference does not create barriers but stimulates knowledge.

Directed by Valeria Fabris
Production manager Luca Chiavinato
Walking Arts Production NGO - Art, Culture & Heritage
Camera operators Valeria Fabris and Omar Kadhum
Editing Valeria Fabris

Mshakht A journey - CD
Twenty-one pieces of music that wind through the many communities of Iraq, Syria and Italy. The Mshakt Ensemble, made up of girls and boys from the mosaic of cultures, languages ​​and traditions of the entire area between Iraq and Syria, mixes its sounds with the New Landscapes Quartet, made up of Italian musicians and with Chiara Patronella, singer and guitarist from Puglia.
The recording of the CD is by Francesco Fabiano assisted by Rami Almukhtar and Alkarar Hassan

A choral work in which the roots blend with the contemporary.

Ensemble Mshakht
Niwar Ismat Issa - Music Director and Qanon
Bewar Salih - Violin
Vania Farhad - Violin
Orhan Albayati - Ney and voice
Dilan Star - Clarinet
Cihgir Amedi - Oud
Saman Karem - Saz
Tamin Badran - Guitar and voice
Kawar Art - Percussion
Solin Othman Abozayd - Percussion
Mohamed A. Ahmed - Voice
Rafeef Algarrawi - Voice
Rehab Alherek - Voice
Safa Daddo - Voice
Rawa Farhad – Voice
Mohanad Ghanim Mahmood - Voice
Hawzhin Jaf - Voice
Feryal Pirali - Voice
Maired Smith - Voice
Renas Ze - voice

New Landscapes Quartet
Silvia Rinaldi - Violin
Sergio Marchesini - Accordion
Francesco Ganassin - Bass clarinet
Luca Chiavinato - Oud

Special guest Chiara Patronella

Special thanks to the Deir Maryam Al Adhra Monastery for the hospitality and to Majad Ma 'mari for the tasty dishes.

Sharing and a common path are marking the entire Walking Arts experience and making the NGO a sort of artistic community in movement.

An artistic community made up of many Iraqi boys and girls together with artists from a distant city of Padua, but close for the bond that has been created.

An artistic community that has a home in Coworking in Duhok, which lives in the many Walking Arts poles in various locations, from Iraqi Kurdistan to the Nineveh Plain, from Baghdad to Basra.

An artistic community in which individuals from different ethnic realities of the Iraqi mosaic find space and freedom, in which young women find themselves at ease, who in their daily context struggle not a little in deciding their own destiny.

An artistic community that does not close itself within the confines of the governorates or the enclaves blocked by the militias, but which crosses borders reaching the squares of Padua and beyond.

A lot of progress has been made since the beginning of Walking Arts and a lot of ideas in the pipeline.
A path that is making itself known throughout Iraq, becoming both a point of reference and a stimulus for many other young people.
.... the journey continues!