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Cartoon World Challenge with Claudio Calia

The ‘words & pictures' that make up the comics language are often described as prose and illustration combined. A bad metaphor: poetry and graphic design seems more apt. Poetry for the rhythm and condensing; graphic design because cartooning is more about moving shapes around — designing — then it is about drawing.
Seth - Gregory Gallant

The free online course "Microstoria and techniques of comics" continues with Claudio Calia within Cartoon World Challenge My covid in comics, coordinated by Cefa Onlus in collaboration with Ya Basta Caminantes Association in 11 countries of the world (Tunisia, Morocco , Libya, Iraq, Guatemala, Ecuador, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Italy, Mozambique).

Live Meeting

The first Live Meetings among the participants, organized in different times to tune into the various time zones, were a participatory moment of comparison. Getting to know each other in order to face a common job: draw each one's own comic book dedicated to how in different latitudes people live in the time of Covid 19.

The Live Meeting were also an opportunity to elaborate the way to go, using the technologies that allow you to create a shared space.
But an online space is not enough. What is needed is the desire to share. Share experiences, points of view, skills, suggestions.
And the more than one hundred participants, each with their own rhythms and experiences, are trying, using the work made available in the lessons, in the continuous chat, in the exercises by the cartoonist Claudio Calia, online 24 hours a day for this exciting adventure .
The ultimate goal is not a competition, a race to "win the best" but instead to explore the potential of the language of comics in the story of reality.
The comics created will be circulated in an online e-book and in a paper book accompanied by the contributions that are coming to #Mycovidincomics from many other cartoonists.

Second lesson Free online course Micro-history and cartoon techniques

In addition to the live meetings, there are several sharing spaces along the way: lessons, exercises, chat. The lessons are four multimedia insights dedicated to the history of comics, which began with thefirts lesson, but also to the realization techniques.
In particular, the second lesson is dedicated to the essential components at the basis of a comic book so that it becomes a clear story, convincing in storytelling and not a confused message.
Scott Mc Cloud highlights things to do: choose moment, frame, image, words and flow.
And Alan Moore adds another thing: to work on choosing the transition.
So, of course, some drawing and graphic techniques help, but to make a comic you have to think, reflect and then draw.

Share your experience

For those who do not participate in the course and want to share an illustrated contribution (table, strip or cartoon), it is possible to participate in the Challenge #mycovidincomics.
Find how:

##Mycovidin comics

Cartoon World Challenge My covid in comics:
Coordinated by Cefa Onlus
In partnership with Associazione Ya Basta Caminantes

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For the development in Iraq the initiative is part of the Project Walking Arts - Arte per la coesione sociale - Con il contributo dell'azienda di cosmetici etici Lush Italia.